Was Ich Sah..

Showing you my view of the world, one frame at a time.

The Silent Guardians of Union Street

Looking toward the Harbour entrance from the Beach Esplanade

View over a part of Cotonou from my Hotel.

This was about 7pm, after a long day of negotiating with traders and salesmen, the only thing on my mind was to relax with a beer and  watch the sky change colours.

© Daniel Olaleye

Along the street of the hotel I was staying in.

It was only 10 am and I am sure it was at least 30° C.

I was up in the the Federal Republic of Benin to have a look around  and  do some shopping.

I had not been here for a very long time and it was  like a breath of fresh air. Things have definitely changed since I was last here, in 1997. They will certainly be completely different when I next go there.

©Daniel Olaleye Taken - May 2007

Sunset in Duthie Park

Fountain in the Park

Famous Grouse or not?

Find the Right Direction

The discovery in Dundee

Red Bugs

Enchanted Castle

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